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Grace and Jim Bovard

Disease(s) Treated: Macular Degeneration Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture Grace and Jim both have macular degeneration. They travel from Indiana to Arkansas Acupuncture Center for treatments and “highly recommend it.”. They have found help after medical doctors told them there was no hope for their loss of vision.

Dr. Wayne Gossard

Disease(s) Treated: Macular Degeneration Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture Dr. Wayne Gossard is a retired surgeon who lives in Dallas. He began eye treatments at the Arkansas Acupuncture Center in 2001 when he was 78 years old. Dr Gossard declares, “No question, my eyesight has improved with treatment.”

Robert Hall

Disease(s) Treated: Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture Robert dedicated his life to serving as a police officer and fireman in Alabama. He was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa when he was 45 years old and by age 52 he felt uncomfortable carrying out his duties. He has been receiving treatment for his eye condition since April, 2005. According to Robert, the treatments “help me do things I couldn’t have done before. Each time I come I get a little more help.”

Preston Brown

Disease(s) Treated: Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture Preston started treatment at the Arkansas Acupunture Center for Retinitis Pigmentosa when he was in the eight grade. “When it helps a little bit, you just wanna keep on doing it… It helps things be clearer, going up and down curbs is no big deal, even at night.” Preston has a talent for acting and hopes to pursue a career in the theater. In spite of his condition, he is looking to the future with hope.

Todd Nommenson

Disease(s) Treated: Retinitis Pigmentosa Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture “The treatments are helping when no other treatments have been able to help. I appreciate for the help it gives because I know there is hope out there. It keeps me working.” Todd has been coming to the Arkansas Acupuncture Center since December, 1998. He was 32 years old when he first began treatments at the clinic for Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Louis Lay

Disease(s) Treated: Macular Degeneration Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture Myofascial Release Louis and his wife Lynn spend much of their time traveling the U.S. in their RV. Maintaining good vision is very important for their well being and the safety of others. Louis has macular degeneration in one eye and has been coming to AAC for treatments since 2004. His eyesight has greatly improved since he began receiving treatments.

Dudley Bland

Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture Age 47 Lambert, Mississippi 2/1/2005 When I first went to the Arkansas Therapy Center I was legally blind. January 1, 2004, I was handling dynamite and by doing so I got a large charge of nitro glycerine. It went through the skin and caused the blood vessels in the eyes to rupture. After the hemorrhage, in March of 2004, I came to the Arkansas Therapy Center. My sister’s boss, who had eye problems related to MS, had gone to the clinic and recommended it to me. It took a few weeks to get over my skepticism, but I knew I had nothing to lose. I asked Dr. Mayo in Oxford, MS, whether he thought it was a good idea to go to Arkansas and he told me that since they have been doing acupuncture for over 2000 years there’s got to be something to it. After a week of treatments, I was able to drive part of the way home. I couldn’t believe it could work that fast. I kept improving for three weeks. I went to my regular eye doctor and with my glasses I was seeing at 20/30 in the right eye. I couldn’t believe Read More »

Cleora Karr

Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture Dear Dr. Liz, I was at your clinic from August 30 to September 3, 2004. I probably told you that I teach piano and was concerned about not being able to see the tiny numbers for the fingering. Also, I was concerned about not being able to tell that the cardinals on the bird feeder were red last winter. They were just gray. When we got home I was able to see the tiny numbers on the music. About 3 weeks later I was looking out the window and saw red berries on a holly bush 30 feet away. I was ecstatic. I’d never seen them except when I walked right up to the bush. On the little chart you gave me, my vision was 20/120 the day I came to the clinic. 4 weeks later it was 20/60. I had only spent one week at the clinic getting treatments. With my glasses it was 20/25. It would be good to have 2 or 3 charts with different orders of letters, or even different letters. I keep trying not to memorize the chart! Just wanted to send a big thank you for your help. Sincerely, Cleora Karr Read More »

Richard A. Slinde

Disease(s) Treated: Macular Degeneration Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture NORTHBROOK, IL OCTOBER 5, 2005 Dear Dr. Ryan, Just a note to say thanks for all that you have done for me. Your knowledge and experience on macular degeneration and related eye disorders is encyclopedic. My eye condition with angioid streaks has been put into a stable state, due to your acupuncture treatments on me. I know this because I have just returned from my appointment with the head of ophthalmology at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. He has just informed me that my eyes have changed little to none in the last few years. I attribute this to your treatment and vitamins. Thank you once again for all that you do for me.

Mildred Milsak

Disease(s) Treated: Macular Degeneration Treatment(s) Used: Acupuncture April 24, 2007 Before I started coming to the Arkansas Therapy Center I brought my husband to have eye treatments. After he died I went for an eye exam and was told I was at the beginning of macular degeneration and he said for me to eat green veggies. Other than that I would go blind in a few years as there was no known cure. I told him I knew where to go for help and he rolled back on his stool and told me again to accept that I would go blind. I went home and called for an appointment to see Dr. Otte located in Hot Springs Village shopping center. I started treatments in 1998 and now I am treated by Dr. Ryan. Once a year I go in for a “tune up” and I have great eye sight including 20/20 vision and no eye glasses. Twice I have gone in for an eye exam and I was told my vision was 20/20 and there were no problems. When I told them the story they were surprised and never heard of a treatment being available