Treatment for Migraine and Whiplash

I have greatly benefited from the acupuncture treatment I have received at the Arkansas Acupuncture Center for the injuries I had sustained in a car wreck resulting in severe whiplash in my neck and classic cluster migraines.  I was treated with muscle relaxers, pain pills, anti-inflammatories and anti-seizure meds for the migraines.  I also went through two rounds of physical therapy for 6 weeks.  I continued to get worse and soon quit driving because of all the medication I was on.  Since I have been receiving acupuncture I have been able to get off my meds and stay off.  My quality of life has greatly improved and I am back to an active life.  I now have two grandchildren that I just could not imagine not being able to pick up and hold.  My outlook was pretty bleak.  I’m so glad I have an open mind to be able to try other medical treatments, when others do not work for me.

Thank you for helping me get my quality of life back.

Bonnie Bartoo

Gilmer, TX