Angioid Streaks

Treatment for Angioid Streaks

Treatment Used:

Microacupuncture is one of few treatment options available for vision loss from Angioid Streaks. Angioid Streaks are an inherited form of retinal degeneration or macular degeneration. They are detected as early as age ten and are often indicative of a more complicated disorder.

Angioid streaks are gray or brown lines that radiate out form the area around the optic nerve.  They are often seen in patients with pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE), a rare degenerative disorder of the elastic fibers of the skin, blood vessels and back of the eyes. Tiny areas of calcification form. Angioid streaks are due to a rupture in the pigment layer of the retina.

Vision Loss from Angioid Streaks

At the Arkansas Acupuncture Center, patients treated by MicroAcupuncture for vision loss from Angioid Streaks responded well to treatment. They were able to gain vision or at least hold what vision they had.  Like most retinal diseases, MicroAcupuncture treatments often help restore vision. Most will require ongoing treatment. Patients are treated for one or two weeks, receiving several treatments each day.  It is recommended that they return once or twice a year until the condition stabilizes.