About Arkansas Acupuncture Center

About Arkansas Acupuncture Center: Microacupuncture for Vision Loss

Arkansas Acupuncture Center’s files are filled with success stories of people who found help and hope for vision loss resulting from retinal and optic nerve disorders. Thousands of people have traveled to Arkansas from all over the United States and abroad to receive this specialized form acupuncture.

The Arkansas Acupuncture Center was established in 2008 to provide treatment for vision disorders using MicroAcupuncture.  One of the best treatment options known for helping those suffering from degenerative eye conditions, MicroAcupuncture was developed for the treatment of vision loss due to macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma and other vision disorders.

In 2003, Lizbeth Ryan was trained in the MicroAcupuncture system by Per Otte in his Hot Springs, AR clinic, where she was chief acupuncturist for 6 years.  She continues to practice this exciting new Acupuncture modality for patients suffering from vision loss from all age groups, and all walks of life. In most cases, patients experience restored vision, or at least were able to maintain a certain level of vision. Improvements in vision are tracked using visual field scans and acuity testing periodically during treatment.  Patients seeking treatment for eye disorders can look for the best results with the MicroAcupuncture procedure.

The MicroAcupuncture procedure can be an effective treatment to help restore vision for macular degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Stargardt’s disease, glaucoma, Rod-Cone dystrophy, optic neuritis and many other diseases affecting the retina and optic nerve. Although MicroAcupuncture can help restore vision in those suffering from degenerative eye diseases it is not a cure.  It helps the vision by encouraging healthier blood circulation so that the eyes can heal from the damage caused by the disease.  MicroAcupuncture is unlike any traditional acupuncture system; there are only 48 points located on the hands and feet only.

No needles are placed in the eyes. Needles are inserted in the hands and feet.

What can you receive at the Arkansas Acupuncture Center?

Acupuncture for retinitis pigmentosa

Acupuncture for macular degeneration

Acupuncture for glaucoma

Acupuncture for Stargardt’s

Acupuncture for diabetic retinopathy

Acupuncture for Rod Cone dystrophy

Call to Discuss Your Condition – 1-800-422-4933

Please call the Arkansas Acupuncture Center to discuss your particular condition with the chief acupuncturist, Lizbeth Ryan at 800-422-4933. Lizbeth Ryan obtained a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine where she studied Traditional Chinese Medicine. She continues to treat patients for many internal medicine conditions and pain syndromes, utilizing additional modalities such as myofascial trigger point release and massage for those with pain syndromes. For internal medicine disorders, she encourages acupuncture and herbal prescriptions when appropriate.

The treatment center is located in beautiful Bentonville, Arkansas. Patients can relax at the treatment center or enjoy many restaurants and great shopping at nearby Pinnacle Hills, as well as the new Crystal Bridges Museum in downtown Bentonville. For patients coming from outside the immediate area, the Arkansas Acupuncture Center is pleased to be able to offer a discounted rate at the Staybridge Suites located a little over a mile from the treatment center.

The Staybridge staff are courteous, understanding the needs of patients with vision disorders. They provide shuttle service for our patients to and from the treatment center and hotel and the hotel provides a full breakfast every day and dinner three nights during the week, which is a benefit for those who do not have transportation to visit nearby restaurants. Rooms are equipped with a full kitchen and sitting room.


MicroAcupuncture: The Best Treatment Option for Vision Loss