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Arkansas Acupuncture Center’s files are filled with success stories of people who found help and hope for visual impairment. Thousands of people have traveled to Northwest Arkansas from all over the world to receive a specialized form of acupuncture that can enhance vision in patients suffering from retinal and optic nerve disorders. Since 2003 Lizbeth Ryan has been practicing this exciting new acupuncture treatment for patients from all age groups, and all walks of life. In most cases, patients experience restored vision, or at least were able to maintain a certain level of vision.  The treatment has proven itself effective for Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Stargardt’s disease, Glaucoma, and many other degenerative eye diseases affecting the retina and optic nerve. The technique used for treating eye disorders is unlike any traditional system.  No needles are placed in or around the eyes and the treatments are relatively painless.  For additional information feel free to browse our site or take a look at our FAQ.

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Give us a call to discuss your particular condition with the chief acupuncturist, Lizbeth Ryan at 800-422-4933.